Question About Crankshaft Position Sensor Location 2001 Nissan Maxima


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Where Is The Crankshaft Position Sensor Located On A Nissan Maxima

I have a 1994 nissan maxima. I changed the head gaskets and when I put it back together, the engine started but the rpm gauge didn't work. I have heard that it might be mounted on the distributor on on the engine. can someone help me ... Read more

1997 Nissan Maxima Won’t Start

I have a 97 Nissan Maxima. It is high mileage, but it worked great until the clutch went. I had it fixed, but after that, the car wouldn't start. The engine would spin, but it wouldn't fire. I have called a few places and the people ... Read more

Location Of Camshaft Position Sensor Located On A 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 2001 isuzu rodeo, manual transmission, 4 cyl, 2.2, the check engine light comes on and off, i took it to a discount auto part, they did a test with a scanner, and it came out that the camshaft position sensor needed to be ... Read more

Location Of Camshaft Position Sensor On A 1997 Mercury Villager

I hooked up an OBD II and it gave me the code P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor A-Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction. What does that mean and can it stop the spark from reaching the coil? I also need the location for this particular sensor? HELP!!! THANKS!!! ... Read more

How To Replace A Knock Sensor And Oxygen Sensor On A Nissan Maxima 1998

I got the check engine light on my nissan maxima se and reading the code at autozone indicates that the knock sensor and oxygen sensor are faulty and, probably, need to be replaced. Is this an expensive repair at the Nissan shop? Where can I find ... Read more

P0336 Cranksaft Position Sensor On 1999 Dodge Ram Removal Instructions

I'm trying to find the Crankshaft Position Sensor on a 1999 Dodge Ram (Diesel) with no luck. Do I have to remove the starter to see it and then remove it? I hope I don't have to take everything apart on this truck, because ... Read more

My New Crankshaft Position Sensor Is Different

The new crankshaft position sensoe that I got at Autozone is slightly different than the old one. It does not have the exposed metal parts at the end of the sensor. It is shuch a pain to remove/install I would hate to have to do it ... Read more