Question About Cost To Rekey Ford Explorer


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What Would Be The Approximate Cost To Replace A Head Gasket On A ’91 Ford Explorer

Recently my car has starting overheating frequently and quickly. I check the radiator frequently to make sure it's full, but it overheats anyway. To make matters worse, the car has begun smoking and dying while I'm driving. I don't want to completely destroy ... Read more

How To Replace A 1992 Ford Explorer Rusty Brake Lines That’s Leaking Fluid

Recently, like two days ago, my 1992 ford explorer left brake line(the loop steel part after the hose connections) suddenly started leaking brake fluid. It is very rusty! Let me add that this vehicle was being used for launching boats by its previous owner(has 4x4 capability-doesn't ... Read more

Ford Explorers Question

Will the leaf springs from a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fit on a 1999 Ford Explorer? ... Read more

FORD EXPLORER 2005 Catalytic Converter

Question: FORD EXPLORER 2005 Catalytic Converter, what will happen if i removed the catalytic converter from my ford explorer 2005 and install instead of it a pipe . i live in a country where this is legal and most people are doing this to be able ... Read more

Repairing Light Bulb Behind Dash Board In Explorer Sport

I have a 97' Ford Explorer Sport and one of the light bulbs behind the dash is out. It's right behind the gas gauge and a guy at the ford dealer said it would cost $300 to fix. I feel that price is OUTRAGEOUS, ... Read more

How much does it cost to have a Speedometer Adjusted

My older sister has a 03' Ford Explorer XLT, and i've talked her into getting 20" Wheels instead of 22's, but now i need to know how much it would cost to have her speedometer adjusted on it. Does anybody know how much it would cost? or ... Read more

1997 Ford Explorer Headlight Problem

My headlights on my 1997 Ford Explorer AWD will not shut off, I have to shut it off by disconnecting my truck battery. I have researched all around the internet and still no solution. If its a headlight relay problem, then where is this located ... Read more