Question About Cleaning A Knock Sensor


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Oxygen Sensor Bad In 1996 Pathfinder

I was cleaning out the engine bay the other day (carefully) but when I was finished I had a check engine light with 3 codes; both front oxygen sensors on the exhaust manifold and a knock sensor. So is it possible that the oxygen sensors are ... Read more

How To Install A Knock Sensor

1991 Q45 Knock sensor installation..I'm not really a novice working on cars, small stuff that is. But never had to do a knock sensor. I previously asked why does my car knock and was reaserching the web and came up with the solution of ... Read more

Still Have A Problem With 93 Gmc Pickup. Changed The Knock Sensor And The Computer. Still Saying Sensor Bad.

93 gmc sierra k2500 new knock sensor, tpi sensor, map sensor, egr valve, fuel filter, plugs and wires, cleaned the injectors and new aic sensor along with a new ecm. code 43 still shows up saying bad knock sensor or esc. dont have the esc ... Read more

What Is A Knock Sensor And What Does It Do

Our mechanic wants $528.93 to fix the knock sensor on our 1997 Nissan Maxima. We've experienced some sputtering ... like the car has the hiccups. The breakdown is $216.59 for the knock sensor, $22.50 for the manifold set, $38.52 for the knock sensor sub harness, $2.78 ... Read more

Did My Use Of Regular Gas Instead Of Premium Gas Led To The Demise Of My Knock Sensor

Good Morning, I drive a '98 Mazda Millenia 2.5 L and recently I had to get my knock sensor (under the engine) fixed in order to pass the inspection. It was a big job and it cost me about $600 for parts and labor. My question ... Read more

Knock Sensor Question

Ok I have a 92 honda prelude with a knock sensor code. I know the knock sensor protects the engine and all that good stuff, but my car revs up and down. Its not my IAC because I replaced it with a good IAC. Can it ... Read more

Can I Remove My Knock Sensor On My 1994 Chevrolet Suburban I Think It Effecting My Throttle Position Sensor.

My truck has a knock and I don't know if it is my TPS or my Oxygen sensor. But I have been told that my knock sensor may be effecting my throttle position sensor. I just want to know if I can eliminate my Knock sensor ... Read more