Question About Cleaning A Knock Sensor


Oxygen Sensor Bad In 1996 Pathfinder

Asked on Sep 9, 2010 I was cleaning out the engine bay the other day (carefully) but when I was finished I had a check engine light with 3 codes; both front oxygen sensors on the exhaust manifold and a knock sensor. So is it possible that the oxygen sensors are ... Read more

How To Install A Knock Sensor

Asked on May 16, 2010 1991 Q45 Knock sensor installation..I'm not really a novice working on cars, small stuff that is. But never had to do a knock sensor. I previously asked why does my car knock and was reaserching the web and came up with the solution of ... Read more

What Is A Knock Sensor And What Does It Do

Asked on May 14, 2010 Our mechanic wants $528.93 to fix the knock sensor on our 1997 Nissan Maxima. We've experienced some sputtering ... like the car has the hiccups. The breakdown is $216.59 for the knock sensor, $22.50 for the manifold set, $38.52 for the knock sensor sub harness, $2.78 ... Read more

Can I Remove My Knock Sensor On My 1994 Chevrolet Suburban I Think It Effecting My Throttle Position Sensor.

Asked on May 17, 2010 My truck has a knock and I don't know if it is my TPS or my Oxygen sensor. But I have been told that my knock sensor may be effecting my throttle position sensor. I just want to know if I can eliminate my Knock sensor ... Read more

Knock Sensor Question

Asked on Jun 22, 2010 Ok I have a 92 honda prelude with a knock sensor code. I know the knock sensor protects the engine and all that good stuff, but my car revs up and down. Its not my IAC because I replaced it with a good IAC. Can it ... Read more

Nissan Altima Sensor Problem

Asked on Aug 20, 2010 I got codes of P0100 and P0325 on my scanner, which came back as mass airflow and knock sensor problem, before replacing them myself, i was wondering which is more important to change first, i have yet to try to clean the mass airflow sensor but ... Read more

Need Replacement Knock Sensor Plug

Asked on Jun 7, 2010 I have a 2007 Acura TL. I suspect that rats gekaut.Nun through my knock sensor wire, I'm looking for a replacement knock sensor plug with a wire shopping, but all will find what I have knock sensors. When I have a knock sensor, it usually takes ... Read more