Question About Civic 99 Error Code P0505


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My Car Has A P0505 Code In My Honda Civic 1997 Ex Any Help Is Appreciated

The owner said it need a tune up but it needed more than just that. The car first had misfire detected all through the cylinders 1-4 the a map sensor and a tps sensor problem i can't remember the codes for that but after i found ... Read more

Question About Oxygen Sensor Error Code

I have a 97 plymouth breeze and i'm getting an oxygen sensor error code. the code states that it is bank 2 sensor 1. so my question is which sensor is it? the one before or after the catalytic converter? ... Read more

1997 Nissan Maxima Knock Sensor

My parents have a 1997 Nissan Maxima GLE and they need to replace their Knock Sensor because they're getting the error code "P0325: Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 or Single Sensor)". I believe that I have found a good DIY for this at ... Read more

99 Civic EX Check Engine Light, Code 23 Knock Sensor

So I have a manual 99 Civic EX coupe. Bearings were going on the stock motor so I had it swapped for a JDM D15b motor (was told it is much easier of a swap then a JDM d16y). Car runs perfectly now, feels a lot ... Read more

97 Prelude Knock Sensor Error Code

I have purchase this car from a guy in another state. I try to register in california but they need to ge the car smok first. I have notice an engine check light and the code said knock sensor error. I have replace 2 sensors, once ... Read more

How Can I Tell If I Have A Bad Map Sensor Or Just Need New Vaccum Lines

I have a 91 chevy s10 2.8l v6, i replaced the plug wires and plugs, it was way over do. While i was replacing them i broke a couple of vacuum lines, there were only three. All three vaccum lines are very brittle. The truck ran ... Read more

P0420 Error Code. Oxygen Sensor

I recently got a check engine light on my truck and I went and got it checked out. I got a p0420 error code and the guy at auto zone told me my oxygen sensor is probably bad. I have only 80k miles on my truck ... Read more