Question About Chevy Truck Freeze Plug Change Out


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How To Find Out The Coolant Leak In A 1985 Chevy 350, Behind The Starter On The Left Side

I changed the water pump about 3 months ago. I recently did a tuneup, and after putting 10 miles on it I noticed a heater hose leaking. I re-filled the radiator, drove to school, then noticed more fluid leaking from under the truck this time. It ... Read more

White Lithium Grease On Frozen Car Door Handles

My car door handle tends to freeze up when it's super cold. Before I look into getting it replaced, I wanted to try lubricating it with something like WLG. Would this be a good choice, or will it freeze up too? Is there ... Read more

Chevy Truck Question

Im driving my grandparents 2003 Chevy 2500 HD truck. Its a diesel. Im in extremely cold weather. I just tried to start it and it ran for a little bit but then I could get it started after that. Cant I plug in an extension cord ... Read more

16 Year Old Needs Help On Rebuilding A 350ci Chevy Small Block..

Hello, i have a 350ci chevy 2 bolt main engine that came out of a 1976 chevy c-10 truck, i wat to rebuild it, and my plans are to get a federal mogule engine overhaul kit with all new 30 over pistons, rings, berrings, oil pump, ... Read more

The Rt Spark Plug Is Not Like Most Regular Plugs To Change So How Do You Change Them What Tools Do I Need

I pulled out the old plug and it has Like a casing type that I never seen. Is the plug incased in it or is that a special plug? If Its just a regular plug in it how can I change it or what tools do ... Read more

How Much HP/Torque Would A 1988 Chevy Silverado Be Able To Handle Without Costing A Fortune In Mods

I am looking at a couple new Chevy Big Block engines to put in my truck. 454 - 625 HP - 580 TQ 509 - 625 HP - 630 TQ 540 - 650 HP - 690 TQ 572 - 650 HP - 700 TQ 572 - 750 HP - 730 ... Read more

What Else Could Be Causing The Leak In My Truck

It's a 95 Silverado. Let me go into as much detail as I can here without talking too much. I bought the truck after it sat up for 4 years. It had an Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor when my friend purchased it ... Read more