Question About Chevy One Injector Not Working


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I Had To Replace One Fuel Injector, Should I Replace All

I have a 1999 f-550 with 156k miles on it. The truck was running ruff and I took it to ford dealer who did a compression check and said it was good and replaced the injector. It ran smooth after the new injector, but recommended ... Read more

Fuel Injector Spacer

Do fuel injector spacers work? Not the throttle body spacer,but the fuel injector spacer(it is supposed to be about 1/4 inch thick).I have a 5.7 liter gmc suburban ... Read more

My Number 2 Cylinder On My 2001 Chevy Blazer Is Misfiring Help…

I changed spark plug wire, spark plug, rotor, distributor cap had a compression test on the cylinder did a smoke test for vacuum leaks, i just replaced the upper intake manifold gasket and when i put it back together cylinder 2 misfire oil is clean reset ... Read more

84 Ford Diesel, Timed The Fuel Injector Pump

But it blows off one of the number 1 injector hose. It has new injectors in it and new glow plugs. It will start by the key now, but doesn't seem to have much power to get anywhere, any suggestions? ... Read more

Fuel Injector

How can I tell if I should get my fuel injector cleaned out, or just completely replaced? I've had fuel injection issues since I got this car last summer. It's a 1988 camaro. For awhile it would die whenever I wasn't pressing on the gas, then ... Read more

My 90 Ford 7.3 Diesel Starts, Runs Two To Three Seconds And Dies. Restarts After 90 Seconds Of Cranking.

This problem only occurs on about one out of six cold starts. Because it dies totally and so quickly ( 3-seconds max), when it happens, I thinks the problem is at the injector pump rather than at the fuel pump. Also, disconnecting the supply ... Read more

93 Chevy 6.5 Diesel Injector Noisy, Can It Ruin The Engine

I replace the injector tips with some cheap ones from ebay after installing them I notice the clicking sound but you can only hear it inside the cab with the windows roll up. Sounds like a leaky exhaust manifold, I recently replace the injection ... Read more