Question About Chevy 6 5 Diesel White Smoke


What Is The Possible Cause Of Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, White Smoke

Asked on Jul 28, 2010 What is the possible cause of black smoke, blue smoke, white smoke being emitted from the exhaust on a diesel engined car ... Read more

White Smoke From My Mazda Diesel ,any Info

Asked on Jul 28, 2010 When i start my car there is a cloud of white smoke from the exhaust but it goes away after a few minuetes any idaes what it can be ... Read more

Rings Of White Smoke Come Out Exhaust At Idle On Perkins Diesel Engine, Why

Asked on Jul 10, 2010 Very hard to start, like air in fuel system. Temperature is 40 to 50 degrees. Once running at idle at 1025 rpms, smokes white/grayish/blue, but high idle is ok, as i bring it back to idle, slowly but surely it will smoke and run rough again. ... Read more

Why Does My 2003 Jeep Liberty/cherokee 2.8 Turbo Diesel Smoke When It Starts Up

Asked on Jul 18, 2010 I have an 03 liberty which when i start it up hot or cold i always get smoke out of the exhaust,it's white smoke it's diesel and does not use any oil it's a common rail direct injection,is this a coomon fault it only seems to ... Read more

Is Red Diesel 35 Second Oil

Asked on Jul 26, 2010 I read somewhere on a form that red diesel was indeed a 35 second oil, which would actually explain a lot. If you use Red in a car, it gives a lot of exhaust black smoke. (Which is actually not just a myth, I saw a ... Read more

Toyota Lucida Puffing Out White/blue Smoke On Start Up.

Asked on Jul 30, 2010 This is 1995 2.2 turbo diesel motor with a manual gearbox. On startup there is a quiet a lot of white smoke, with strong exhaust smells too. It can be slow to kick in and run smoothly but this will only last for a few meters. ... Read more

Old International Gas Start Diesel Runs Smokes On Diesel Only

Asked on Jul 18, 2010 The dozer runs and starts great on gas no smoke no problems the second it is swithed to diesel it smokes white smoke black smoke even chunks of soot come out of the exhaust what would cause this and why? If it is just the ... Read more