Question About Chevy 5 7 Tbi Bad Knock Sensor Symptoms


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Knock Sensor Or Oc Sensor On 2001 Xterra

Ok, so I went to autozone and got the code from the test. The knock sensor came up as a problem. I don't want to have to replace this so I looked up some info. I guess it could be my OC sensor too (which would ... Read more

Knock Sensor On A 2005 Chevy Cobalt

First of all, my husband and I are receiving conflicting information. Is a knock sensor a TYPE of oxygen sensor, a separate part having nothing to do with the oxygen sensor or are they one and the same? The reason I ask, is because whenever I ... Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Knock Ping Sensor

I hear the moter kind of rev iraticly when im driving at a even pace. its very faint but its like it revs up and down at coasting speeds. is this the symptom of a bad knock ping sensor? ... Read more

Chevy 4.3 Litre 6 Cylinder. Knock Sensor Location

Where can I find it? The obd code reader said it wasn't receiving a signal from the knock sensor, I bought a knock sensor but where is the old one located on the engine block exactly? ... Read more

My 1994 Chevy Suburban Has A Knock In The Engine……

My 1994 Chevy Suburban has a knock in the engine after it gets warm. It gets louder when I turn on the AC during the summer and it is throwing off my Knock sensor and TPS sensor giving me less power when I press the gas ... Read more

Has Anyone Ever Have A Knock Sensor Go Bad On A Car What Are The Symptoms

Has anyone ever have a knock sensor go bad on a car? what are the symptoms? ... Read more

04 Chevy 2500HD Knock Sensor

My check engine light came on and my auto mechanic said it was the number two knock sensor he said there is no knock or ping in the engine do you think I can go until April without any problems I won't have the cash until ... Read more