Question About Chevy 350 Engine Blowing White Smoke Out Tailpipe


Why Is There White Smoke Coming Out Of My Tailpipe

Asked on Aug 16, 2010 We have a 90' Cavalier, we thought we blew a head gasket so we got that replaced and its definitely good. It sounds like a misfire of the spark plugs so we took them out and checked them all one by one and they all seem ... Read more

Can’t Accelerate, Stalls Out

Asked on Aug 14, 2010 My '95 toyota corolla stalls out when it accelerates. There is a burnt hole in the distributor coil. could that be the problem? sometimes it starts stalling without accelerating, and when i try to rev the engine some white smoke comes out of ... Read more

Water In My Oil Any Help Greatly Appreciated

Asked on Jul 12, 2010 Ok heres the deal I started to see milky oil on my dipstick so i immediately changed the oil and now it is still milky i know what your thinking blown head gasket end of story but I have been seeing lots of condensation on my ... Read more

Rings Of White Smoke Come Out Exhaust At Idle On Perkins Diesel Engine, Why

Asked on Jul 10, 2010 Very hard to start, like air in fuel system. Temperature is 40 to 50 degrees. Once running at idle at 1025 rpms, smokes white/grayish/blue, but high idle is ok, as i bring it back to idle, slowly but surely it will smoke and run rough again. ... Read more

What Is The Possible Cause Of Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, White Smoke

Asked on Jul 28, 2010 What is the possible cause of black smoke, blue smoke, white smoke being emitted from the exhaust on a diesel engined car ... Read more

Why Does White Smoke Pour Out My Exhaust But Passes Emissions

Asked on May 14, 2010 I am having some weird trouble with my '88, g-20, 350 engine van. When I first start it it puffs a little smoke. It has been doing this for years. I assume bad valve seals. About a half a year ago it ... Read more

I Have A 280zx , Everytime I Hit My My Brakes,alot Of White Smoke Comes Out Of My Exhaust.what Would Cause It

Asked on Apr 23, 2010 Just replaced my rear brk.calipers and master cylinder...smoke sometimes go and then it comes back.. white smoke,don't seem like oil burning...trying to fix my own car...thank you......merry chritmas... ... Read more