Question About Chevy 350 Distributor Oil Leak


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Timing Adjustment On A 95 Chevy 4×4

I changed the intake manifold gasket on my 95 Chevy 4x4. In order to do that, I had to remove the distributor. I did everything right, marked TDC on the distributor, made sure the rotor was set at TDC and even marked the distributor ... Read more

Can A Coolant Leak At Thermostat Housing Cause The O2 Censor To Fail

I have a friend with an 05' Chevy Aveo. She took it in because she had this leak. The dealership said they fixed it she got it and a day later her O2 censor went out and she still had the leak. I got a follow up. ... Read more

Where Could This Oil Leak Be Originating From

Its a chevy 350 5.7 TBI. The oil leak is coming from the rear of the engine right under the rear of the intake manifold but above where the tranny meets the engine. Its for suire not the valve covers or the distributor gasket both of ... Read more

Where Could My Oil Leak Come From

I have a 93 Chevy with the 350 in it. I have a small oil leak, or at least I hope its minor. Its coming from the back of the intake manifold / Dealer and dripped onto the flywheel, where it all snares everywhere, I do ... Read more

How To Tell If Distributor Is Source Of Oil Leak

I've got a 1997 Saab 900s, which just started dripping oil from the front left (driver's side) part of the engine bay. I'm guessing it's the o-ring in the Distributor, but I'm not sure. Is there a surefire way to diagnose a leaky distributor? I've read ... Read more

Question About Car Problems

Im buying a car from someone and im not understandin what they are talking about.... This is what they said.... please help... Needs new distributor installed to run. I have full evaluation from mechanic. Have all service records. This car has a leak at the front ... Read more

Is It The Oring For The Distributor

Okay i'm no expert at cars(particularly the timing of it) but i noticed oil leaking from the hole where the wires enter my distributor cap(yes distributor caps dont leak oil! well mine did.) anyway i took it off and observed the inside of the distributor and ... Read more