Question About Chevy 327 Backfire Through Carb


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Why Does Removing The Catalytic Converter Cause A Backfire

Question: Why Does Removing The Catalytic Converter Cause A Backfire, I know some people that removed their catalytic converters (illegal and not capable of passing emission tests I know), and the car immediately became capable of backfiring. I don't understand how that works because 1. ... Read more

Why Do Carburetors Get Unadjusted

I have a edelbrock carb on a 350 chevy engine. i adjust it, but every time i use it in the highway when i get in the city it gets accelerated. The truck sounds loud and its just the carb that needs to be adjusted down, ... Read more

What Size Carburetor Should I Put On A Chevy Small Black With A 383 Stroker Kit

I have a 1970 Chevy Nova 350 small block bored out with a 383 stroker. I need to put a new carb on, and would like some opinions as to what size carb I should put on. I am looking at edelbrock. I refuse to put ... Read more

Chevy 350 Turns Over, But Doesnt Start

My chevy C10 that I bought didnt run when I purchased it. IT was sitting for a while. The carburetor needles were loose and carb caught fire. Holley 4160 carb was rebuilt. I replaced the battery, spark plug wires, distributor cap, and the carb obviously ... Read more

Cause Of Tailpipe Backfire/rough Running Only When Warm

I have a '73 Buick Apollo with a 2BBL carb. that has about 88K original miles on it. It starts easily when cold and runs strong for a few minutes (for example, if I get on the freeway and cruise for a few minutes, everything ... Read more

Chevrolet Running Bad Etc

Whats with my truck? The truck is a 78 scottsdale, but had to get a reman engine in 2000; but It's got a 350 long block, I had both heads redone. I had one shaved but not the other, the compression on one side is around ... Read more

GM 350 , Carburetor PLs HELP

I just got a reman. holly II carb a.k.a. (rochester quadrajet) The choke thing on the holley has an air port, and my old carb has an electric wire connecting the choke. Is there a way i can convert the carb to either electrical ... Read more