Question About Changing Rotor Cap Ford Aspire


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Ford Aspire Distributor Cap

My ford aspire is running hard . I replaced the spark plugs and wires , but still ran hard . When i looked under the hood while it was running , i could see it sparking on the outside of the distributor cap . When it ... Read more

Where Can I Find A 21 Mm Left Hand Thread Nut For The Passengers Side Rear Axle Of My 1994 Ford Aspire.

The nut on the passenger's side rear axle of my 1994 Ford Aspire is stripped. It's a left hand thread, and I'm having a bit of difficulty finding one to replace it. Are there any other model of car that uses the same size/thread ... Read more

Distributor Cap And Rotor

If im changing the distruibtor cap and rotor, is ther a specific way i need to adjust the rotor? how should it be put on? i put the rotor on and distributor cap and the firing sequence is correct but it wont start...and it did before i ... Read more

How Much Would It Cost To Replace The Brake Pads And Rotors On A 1995 Ford Aspire

Just bought a car and wanted a estimate on how much it would cost to fix brakes. ... Read more

I Have A 1997 Ford Aspire And My Speedometer Quit On Me How Much Does It Cost To Replace It

I must also add that my check engine light came on right after the speedometer died while driving. ... Read more

1995 Ford Aspire Won’t Start.

Hi, I have a 95 Aspire. When i turn the ignition over a loud click occurs, and that is it. To test if the starter had gone bad i tried it with the headlights on. the loud click occured as the lights tuned ... Read more

1997 Ford Aspire Axle Nut Size

Need to know axle nut size, if you know please inform. ... Read more