Question About Changing O2 Sensor On S10 Blazer


96 S10 Blazer Has Spark To Distributor Cap But None Out

Asked on Jun 27, 2010 My brother in law has a 96 s10 blazer and it has spark coming out of the coil, to the distributor cap, but nothing coming out to the spark plugs. He has replaced the distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires, ignition module, coil, cam sensor. doesn't make ... Read more

What Is The Widest Tires I Can Fit On My 88 S10 Blazer

Asked on Jun 4, 2010 I have a 2WD S10 Blazer I want to put some road tires on the rear axle, but I do not want the frame and mini-tub with spacers, I can cut a 10''Reifen fit on the back? ... Read more

Put A 2wd Rim On A 4×4

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 Ok im wanting to put a Chevy S10 p/u Blazer 15x7 alloy wheel rim 5x4.75 15" 03 4x4 4 dr blazer with rims that are Blazer S10/Jimmy S15 '03-05 4x4, 15x7, aluminum, Chev, opt PA3 (5 spoke), (gray accents)??? im not sure 100% i just pulled the ... Read more

LIght Bar/Roll Bar For A ’00 Chevy S10 4 Door Blazer

Asked on Apr 28, 2010 I've been lookin' everywhere but havent found a light bar/roll bar for my s10 blazer. I don't want a brush gaurd, I'm gonna custom make mine. I want the one that goes on top of the blazer. I want one that can hold atleast a min. ... Read more

What Is The Location Of The Knock Sensor On A 99 S10 Blazer

Asked on May 20, 2010 Is there a web site where i can get diagrams of engines or vehicles for repair purposes? ... Read more

Wheel Spacer Help

Asked on Jun 1, 2010 I'm looking in to buying 2+ inch wheel spacers for my 85 s10 blazer so it will handle better when i'm off roading. and i'll be getting bigger tires so they will also help with the rubbing issue. i like the widened stance on trucks so ... Read more

Will An Intake For A 94 Blazer Fit On A 93

Asked on Apr 10, 2010 I've got a 93 S10 Blazer with a 4.3L CPI (Central Port Injection, not TBI, which is Throttle Body Injection) V6 engine. Would a K&N intake system made for a 94 with the same engine fit on mine? If not, where could I find one? Everywhere ... Read more