Question About Car Smells Like Its Burning


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02 Ecotec Cavalier Burning Oil With New Head.

I just recently got a rebuilt head installed in my car because it was burning coolant, and had a crack in the head. Now after about 500 - 600 km of driving I noticed that the oil is empty, and there is no visible signs of ... Read more

How To Get Rid Of Smell

My husband ran over a dead animal on the freeway and it STINKS!!! i took it to the carwash and they washed the undercarriage and everything, but it still smells horrible. it even smells inside my car after fabreeze and air freshener. the carcass must ... Read more

Something That Really Smells Like New Car

Is there an air freshener that really smells like new car? Those yellow trees that say new car smell, dont smell like new car, they smell weird. haha....Any car dealership guys out there that can reveal a secret? Anyone know of a good brand and what ... Read more

Is My Engine Seized

I go to put air in my tire today and i get back in the car the back of the car is SHAKING like a monster, then moves to the front, now the whole car is shaking up and down back and forth. I give it ... Read more

Air Conditioner Smells Bad

I got the car online and it smells like there is some kind of air freshener in the car. it smells kind of like cinnamon. but there is no actual apparatus that attaches visibly to any vents or the inside of any vents. ive been told ... Read more

What Can Cause A Vehicle To Burn Fuel My Spark Plugs Are Burning BLACK

My 1991 chevy s10 blazer burns gas not uses a lot of it burns it when i run it it smells like gas and the spark plugs are black ... Read more

Why Does My Subaru B4 99 Smoke From The Engine Does Anybody Know How To Fix The Problem

Smoke coming from the engine when I go for a long drive, such as 1 / 2 hours +. Its not completely white smoke of his way clear misty smoke and it smells a bit like burning oil. Plus I had a look at the fan ... Read more