Question About Car Overheated Now It Wont Start


My 90 Honda Ran Out Of Gas And After Putting Gas In It, It Still Wont Start I Dont Know What To Do Now

Asked on Jul 4, 2010 My car ran out of gas and wont start after adding more gas. I changed the distributor cap and roter and tried to push start iot but nothing. it cranks but wont start. i realy need help. ... Read more

My Engine On My 2001 Acura MDX Has Overheated And Seems To Have Locked Up.

Asked on Jun 21, 2010 My 2001 Acura MDX has an ample supply of oil and antifreeze/coolant. Somehow, yesterday, as I was driving home from work in the afternoon, I noticed that my engine was running very hot. I checked my oil and antifreeze/coolant, and they were both fine. Once the ... Read more

I Left My Car Running In My Garage Partially Covered And Now It Wont Start Whats Wrong

Asked on Mar 12, 2012 I left my car running for about 2 hours covered by a thin plastic sheet in the garage. Now it won't start, Im guessing because it choked on its own fumes and it is overheated right now. I'm hoping it will start when it cools down. ... Read more

My Car Wont Start But Battery Is Fine, What Could It Be

Asked on Aug 5, 2010 Hey, i have a 97 cavalier Z24, and it wont start, it has done this befor and i took it to a garage, and they put a relay on it, but i noticed it has only happend when it really cold out -40 or over how ... Read more

My Car Stopped While Driving Some One Said I Need To Replace The Timing Belt Since It Wont Start Is This True

Asked on Mar 15, 2011 The car was driving the pedal became stiff and shut down and will not start again there is gas in the vehicle but it wont start the vehicle is 2001 ford explorer ... Read more

RC Car Wont Start

Asked on Aug 18, 2010 I just got my rc car today and was breaking in the motor. it stalled and i tried to restart it and it took a couple trys. Then i let my friend do a break in tank and it stalled after a few min ... Read more

1964 Impala Wont Start I Need Help Find Out Whats Wrong

Asked on Jul 6, 2010 Ok so i have a 1964 Chevy Impala and it wont start. I changed the battery cables has a new battery, tested the alternator new spark plugs and wires new coil all the terminals are new put back properly. It wants to start but once i ... Read more