Question About Car Makes Noise When Backing Up


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Trans Am Headlight Motor Makes Noise After It’s Closed.

My TA's headlight motor makes a loud buzzing noise when I turn the lights out and the headlight is down.It works all the time but makes that noise. I replaced that motor not long before it started the noise.Is there relays that control the motors? I'm ... Read more

My Cars Making A Noise When I’m Parked Downhill And I Turn The Wheel, And Sit In The Car, A Loud Spring Noise

I have a nissan sunny, its made this noise a month after i bought it from the car yard. the noise is coming from where the wheels are. I have no idea about cars, im a chick with no clue lol. makes a ... Read more

New Brakes, Pads, And Rotors And Still Brake Noise Whats The Deal

I drive a 06 cobalt ss. It has 4 wheel disk brakes and im getting noise from every wheel. I replaced the rotors, brakes and pads and i am still getting that brake noise we all know and hate. what could be the problem? also when ... Read more

Squeaking Noise On Car & Best Air Freshener

What do i do to make my 98 neon to stop making this squeaking noise when im backing up and turning at the same time, what do i wd40?? thanks oh and whats a really good car air freshener that really worked and you could smell it ... Read more

1999 Honda Accord LX Makes Screeching Noises

I have a 1999 accord and in the morning when its cold, or at night when its cold it makes a screeching noise for about 5 minutes. My AC also doesnt work and someone said the noise comes from the AC compressor. Is this true, can ... Read more

My Focus Has A Clunking Sound When I Slowly Turn The Wheel. Such As Backing Out Of A Parking Space.

The steering wheel has slight resistance, then slight jerk when it clunks. It sounds like the coil spring is making the noise.I can't duplicate the noise when the car is jacked up.Could it be the strut assembly? ... Read more

Help Diagnose This Transmission Problem For 10 Points

Car: 1995 Camaro Z28, T-56 manual transmission (6 speed). When "cold" car makes a whirrr/rattling noise even when starting up from underneath the shifter area. It makes the most of the same noise when I am driving and press the clutch pedal to shift gears. It still makes ... Read more