Question About Car Heater Blows Cold Air When Stopped


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Car Blows Cold Air When Stopped, But Blows Hot Air While Driving.

I want the air to blow hot when stopped. Its cold out ... Read more

The Driver Side Heater Blows Out Cold Air On My 2003 Dodge 1500 Truck

For some reason the heater air doesn't get very warm on the driver's side and I don't have dual thermostats. It used to work fine. The passenger side still works good. Is there a buffer somewhere that is stuck, allowing the ... Read more

Car Heater Blowing Cold Air

I have a Honda Civic 2003. It was overheating this summer and I had to take it to couple different shops to finally fix the overheating problem. (It has been been a 3 months battle). It finally stopped overheating after the last shop I took it ... Read more

My 2004 Honda Civic 1.7L Is Overheating And Loosing Coolant Through The Top Of The Reservoir.

Also the heater only blows hot air when im driving, it blows cold when at a stop. I've replaced the thermostat and bought a new radiator cap from Honda. The car still does this and i can't figure out whats going on. ... Read more

Were Is The Heater Core Located In A Dodge Neon And Could It Be The Reason That My Car Keeps Over Heating

I have changed the radiator, thermostat,AC condenser and my fans are running, but every time i turn on my AC or the car is just stopped it starts to over heat. I was told that the heater core cold be clogged if it is can it ... Read more

How Do You Tell If A/c Compressor Is Bad

I have a 2002 Honda Accord v6, the ac only blows cool(not cold) when the car is driving. if i am at idle, it blows hot air and no cold. any help is greatly appreciated. ... Read more

I Just Got A New Car The Ac Blows But Its Not Cold Do I Just Need Freon Or Is It Most Likely Broken

Question: I Just Got A New Car, The Ac Blows But Its Not Cold, Do I Just Need Freon Or Is It Most Likely Broken, ford ranger 99....Best answer for I Just Got A New Car, The Ac Blows But Its Not Cold, Do I Just ... Read more