Question About Car Dies When Pull Off Positive Cable From Battery


My Negative Battery Cable Is All The Way Tight At The Battery But Still Slids Right Off… Help

It's of my mom's 1989 Honda Accord. Giving it a tune-up today and found out the positive battery cable had to be replaced. Did that along with a brake job and engine performance work and it started great. Shut it off and the next time I ... Read more

Are There Any Pro Tow Bar Fitters Out There Who Can Help Me

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12 Volt Battery Charger… Can’t Get It To Connect

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Is A Insulated Battery Cable Necessary To Charge A Car Battery

In the instructions for my (car) battery charger it says "attach a 24-inch long insulated battery cable to NEGATIVE battery post" and then connect to charger's negative cable to the the cable mentioned above. Do I really need the 24-inch cable or can I just connect the charger's ... Read more

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