Question About Car Dies When Pull Off Positive Cable From Battery


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My Negative Battery Cable Is All The Way Tight At The Battery But Still Slids Right Off… Help

It's of my mom's 1989 Honda Accord. Giving it a tune-up today and found out the positive battery cable had to be replaced. Did that along with a brake job and engine performance work and it started great. Shut it off and the next time I ... Read more

Are There Any Pro Tow Bar Fitters Out There Who Can Help Me

Hi i have always fitted my own towbars to my vehicles over the years but i am stumped by my new[ish] peugeot 406 estate. where is the best way to route a cable from the battery to the tow bar? or is there a permanent positive located somewhere ... Read more

Car Battery Drained. Is It The Kenwood Stereo Unit

I have a Kenwood KDC-MP7028 stereo unit, plus an 800w amp, jukebox, Sirius, etc in the trunk. If I don't drive for 2-3 days my battery dies. I tried unplugging my amp at the battery. Battery doesn't die. I tried connecting the amp back to the ... Read more

12 Volt Battery Charger… Can’t Get It To Connect

My car battery is mostly dead. I hooked it up to a 6 amp battery charger, (positive to positive, negative to chassis) but it won't show as connected on the charger? (There's a light that lights up when connected). What could be wrong? Thanks ... Read more

Is A Insulated Battery Cable Necessary To Charge A Car Battery

In the instructions for my (car) battery charger it says "attach a 24-inch long insulated battery cable to NEGATIVE battery post" and then connect to charger's negative cable to the the cable mentioned above. Do I really need the 24-inch cable or can I just connect the charger's ... Read more

How Can I Prevent My Car Battery From Dieing When I Listen To Music

I don't want to turn on the ignition all the way. Whenever the battery dies I charge it with a manual battery charger for 6 & 12 volt batteries. I have an enclosure with 2 12" Kickers and a 1000 watt amp. If I don't turn ... Read more

My Car Has Power But Wont Turn On…Do I Need A New Battery

I left my car on my cell phone charger for a few hours yesterday and today it jumped when I started well, but when I tried to start it later, they had power but would crank. Even one of the battery cable is a little too ... Read more