Question About Can You Put A 4 Cylinder Battery In A 6 Cylinder Car


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1976 Pontiac Trans Am Ignition Problem Key Cylinder Locked

Here you all go, key cylinder is locked in the lock position, stearing is locked and cannot move manual shifter out of gear also (in reverse position). I have tried rocking the stearing wheel back and fourth, wiggling the key cylinder and even tried 2 ... Read more

Can I Resleeve My Cylinder

I have a 1989 kawasaki 80 big wheel dirt bike. Three people from the kawasaki dealer didn't say anything about resleeving my cylinder. The only thing they said was to get a bigger piston and bore the cylinder. But a seller online said his 1989 kawasaki ... Read more

Hey, I Have A 1993 Yz250 And Ii Need A New Cylinder Wheres A Cheap Place To Buy One That Has Good Deals

Like i said i need a new cylinder or get my old cylinder bored or re sleeved i just dint know where to go or to look it up give me website or local places in pittsburgh just someone please help thanks ... Read more

Can Knock Sensor Cause Cylinder Misfire

I have 03 audi a4 and always get cylinder 4 misfire. Spark plugs, coils,injectors, everything has been checked and nothing helped. It also shows p0328 error, which is knock sensor. So my question is, can knock sensor cause cylinder 4 misfire and if yes, why only ... Read more

Kx 250 Chipped Cylinder

My cylinder has a chip in it so i cant get it honed so i can rebuild it. would it be cheaper to just get it bored so i can put a cylinder sleeve in or should i just pay the $300 to fix the chip ... Read more

Boring Out A Motor Cylinder

I have a 2 cylinder engine in my seadoo and there is a rust spot on one cylinder sleeve. Can I bore out just the one side and replace just one piston and rings? Or will it throw the balance off. I dont want to put ... Read more

How Do I Install A New Ignition Cylinder For A 1995 Mustang

Someone tried stealing my 1995 ford mustang a few nights ago , they carefully broke out the ignition cylinder but it looks like it was connected to a metal rod or something inside . if they totally broke the cylinder would i need a whole new steering ... Read more