Question About Can You Drill A Hole In A Catalytic Converter To Unclog It


How To Fix Catalytic Converter

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Unclogging A Honda Accord Catalytic Converter. Does This Sound Like A Good Idea

Asked on May 14, 2010 So I'm having a problem with my '93 honda Accord loosing all power at around 4k rpm's. Without going into all the details, fuel pressure is good, Air intake is good, replaced almost all the ignition parts, coil, wires, dist/rotor, etc. I've been ... Read more

2002 Mitsubishi Gallant Catalytic Converter

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O2 Sensor Before Or After The Catalytic Converter

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Does Catalytic Converter Produce More Power On a Car

Asked on Aug 4, 2009 I know that catalytic converters send a message back to the fuel injectors, to get the perfect amount. My catalytic converter is rusted from the inside(it is pretty much toast). But i drive and Audi and a new catalytic converter would cost 380 parts and then ... Read more

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Possibility For Catalytic Converter To Go Out

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