Question About Can Cold Weather Kill A Car Battery


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Will My Stereo Kill My Battery

I have a 2002 Honda Civic Si that is stock, I want to run an Alpine MRPM500 amp and an Alpine MRP-F300 amp. But i am worried that when my car is running the battery and alternator wont keep up to how much watts the 2 ... Read more

Volvo 240 Won’t Start When It’s Cold

Posted a similar question but trying to troubleshoot because I don't want to spend too much more fixing it. Okay here goes volvo 240 1991 won't start when temp drops below freezing. Most common problem with this is the Fuel Pump Relay bought a new one ... Read more

What Is Better For Your Car Starting In Cold Weather, A Block Heater, A Trickle Charger, Or A Battery Blanket

What is better for your car starting in cold weather, a block heater, a trickle charger, or a battery blanket? ... Read more

On My 91 Civic, Can A Bad Main Relay Cause Starting Problems In The Cold

Just changed the battery, so car always tries to crank. but won't always start especially in the strong cold weather. any thoughts?...i know the relay is bad cause in the true summer heat it won't always start when it get's really just wondering ... Read more

My 1997 Grand Prix SE Worked 7 Hours Ago And It Ran Perfect And Then Now It Will Turn Over But Not Start.

Last night I was using my car stereo to test the sound quality of a song I recorded and I had it running because I have a system in it and I didn't want to kill the battery. Then, when I went out this morning, it ... Read more

Why Is My Car Having Trouble Starting In The Morning When Its Cold Out

I have a 99 accorde coupe v6. This summer, the car would not start if it was really hot out or had been sitting in the sun. I went and had a full tune-up and the fuel main relay replaced and the battery is ... Read more