Question About Can Bad Alternator Affect Engine Performance


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Does A Catalytic Converter Affect The Performance Of A 2000 Ford Focus

Question: Does A Catalytic Converter Affect The Performance Of A 2000 Ford Focus, My car is running sluggish and its as if there is no power in it. Normally my car will get up and go (manual). My check engine light is and has been on ... Read more

How Does A Lower Temperature Engine Thermostat Affect Performance

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Do Expensive Spark Plugs Make A Difference In Engine Performance

I was just at Autozone and saw this cool looking Pauger sparks. They were the Bosch plugs with the four iridium and platinum tips or something. they were $ 7. 99 per rise and the chest, said horse power, so like an idiot I bought sie.Ich ... Read more

Can I Connect A Solar Panel Charger To My Car Battery Without Interfering With The Alternator

Would like to add a solar panel to help charge my car battery. Will this affect/hurt my alternator? Do I need to switch from alternator to solar. I was hoping to leave the panel attached to the car during operation. I'd like it as easy as ... Read more

If I Put A Cam On My Engine What Will Happen

I have a 4.3 v6 engine that i have lightly modified. Such as K&N cold air induction kit, throttle body spacer, underdrive pulleys, headers, edelbrock heavy duty water pump, flowmaster dual exhaust, and a high 160amp alternator. I am afraid that if i put in a ... Read more

High Performance Alternator

Will putting a high performance alternator help keep my lights from dimming when my bass hits? i have two 600 watt rms amps and four 12s in a 2002 mazda protege 5. I already have a optima battery and two 1.2 farad capacitors. ... Read more

93 Honda Del Sol Cooling System Question.

Own a 93 del sol si..what would happen if i always leave the radiator fan on. will this affect the thermostat from working properly? or will affect any other system on the car? well now on souther cali. summer time is kicking right now, and feel ... Read more