Question About Can A Dirty Oil Filter Overheat Your Car


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What Are The Symptoms Of Dirty Oil Filter And Does It Make Sense To Change The Engine Oil

Without changing the oil filter? But the bigger question for me is how a dirty oil filter to affect the car. Thanks ... Read more

Question About An Air Filter

Well first of all i am a girl.. so excuse the plain language im going to use... I have a Mazda 626 LX (1997, 2.0). i was told that i need to change my air filter, so i bought one, and replaced it (yes myself!!!) just now. ... Read more

Can My Dirty Air Filter Have Cause My Throttle Body To Get Dirty

My Jeep Wrangler kept stalling and would not accelerate properly so I took it to the shop. My air filter was filthy and they said it could very well be one of the first few put in of not the original (I have 38,000) ... Read more

Why Does My Yanmar Diesel Marine Engine Have Such A Dirty, Oily Exhaust

I have a 1979 Oday 28' sail boat. Our yanmar diesel produces a dirty, oily but not a smokey exhaust. Our transom is dirty almost immediately. I removed the water muffler and it's very dirty as well and I'm doing my best to ... Read more

Why Was There No Oil In My Oil Filter When I Took It Off

While changing the oil in my 97 Corolla, no oil spilled out of the oil filter like it usually does, and it seemed very loose, I couldn't tell if the gasket was flush with the block or not. Also the oil is still somewhat dirty. I ... Read more

Can My 1997 Nissan Maxima Overheat Due To A Broken KNOCK SENSOR

It starts to overheat on very hot days when the ac is on or when going uphill. When its cool outside it does not overheat. Coolling system seems to be working properly. ... Read more

As A Consumer What Type Of Recourse Do I Have

Purchased a 2001 Mazda Millenia for $2500.00 (as is) on Tuesday. On Thursday I noticed: the engine light stays on, the air bag light is blinking, 1 tail bulb is out, air filter is dirty, oil leaks, brake noise, dirty throttle body, rough idle. ... Read more