Question About Can A Bad Thermostat Stop Your Car From Starting


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Can An Oxygen Sensor Stop Your Car From Starting Correctly

I got my car scanned and the system said i had a bad o2 sensor. can that be the reason y my car isnt starting correctly? also i have been having problems with my fuel gauge. it seems to stay on F until i stop my ... Read more

How Do I Change The Thermostat On My 2005 Jetta Gli 1.8T Thermostat And Where Is The Location Of The Part

Everytime i start and the engine and drive the car until the engine is hot, then two or the three blocks later the engine starts overheating and tells me to stop the vehicle. I checked the radiator and it was cold. So what could be the ... Read more

What Is It When The Temperature Gage Gets High And Its Not The Thermostat

I took my car to the shop about 3 months ago to have the thermostat replaced; because my temp gage had been rising to H mark. Now recently its starting the same problem over again. What could this be? ... Read more

At Starting, My 2003 Toyota Sienna Is Producing White Smoke In The Morning/anytime The Engine Cools Down.

The engine was working when started smoking. It was then under oil. It is not shorting more oil, the bad rings would have suggested. The rings have been replaced new. The smoke is white and thick, comes when starting the engine, after he colled for a ... Read more

What Happens If I Run My 2001 Malibu Without A Thermostat

I recently had someone look at my car because it was overheating and throwing out all the coolant they figured it could have been a problem with the waterpump or thermostat, so they removed the thermostat from my car and said that I could run my ... Read more

Is It Ok To Install A New Thermostat On A 99 Dodge Interpid By Using Sealant

My car keeps over heating and the mechanic intalled a new thermostat, but he attached it with sealant. Now my car is still over heating. I originally ONLY wanted freeon, but mechanic said I needed a new thermostat, fan, coolant. Never had a problem with overheating til ... Read more

My 1991 Mazda 626 Has Problems Starting…

When ever i start it after it has sat for a while, it starts right up. but when i drive it for a while, and i stop at a stop light/sign it will die. its like it chokes or something. the way it dies is that ... Read more