Question About Can A Bad Thermostat Stop Your Car From Starting


At Starting, My 2003 Toyota Sienna Is Producing White Smoke In The Morning/anytime The Engine Cools Down.

Asked on Jun 5, 2010 The engine was working when started smoking. It was then under oil. It is not shorting more oil, the bad rings would have suggested. The rings have been replaced new. The smoke is white and thick, comes when starting the engine, after he colled for a ... Read more

How Can You Tell If The Knock Sensor Is Bad

Asked on May 10, 2010 How can you tell if the knock sensor is bad in a 04 Cavalier or if it is a bad bearing without testing the sensor? Car has good pickup but also has a hard knocking sound. Thermostat was just replaced as we bought the car yesterday ... Read more

Can U Put Something On A Cracked Lower Thermostat Housing To Stop The Leak Temp.

Asked on Jun 1, 2010 Don't have the money to buy the lower half of the thermostat housing from the dealership. So i was wondering can u put something to block the crack and stop the leak in the lower thermostat housing temporarily in a 1998 ford explorer? ... Read more

Why Is My Thermostat Leaking Behind The Housing On A 99 B4000

Asked on Jun 18, 2010 Thermostat was bad, overheating then a bad leak at the housing. Stripped lower thermostat bold. We tap a bolt size bigger and get a tight fit on the housing, but still a leak. Even added plenty of RTV, still a slow leak. Any chance the housing from ... Read more

How Do I Know If I Have A Bad Thermostat Or It Is Sticking

Asked on May 25, 2010 Its a 2002 chevy silverado and it gets hot idleing and my air conditioner changes speeds and you can hear it get more powerfull at times? Could that be a bad thermostat? It does not overheat all the time. ... Read more

Does A Bad Thermostat HAVE To Be Fixed To Drive

Asked on Jul 3, 2010 I have a 1996 Ford Escort LX Wagon. It is an automatic and it has 120k miles. The temp gauge reads cold and the check engine light stays on. When I turn on the heat, I hear a rattling sound. Is this the thermostat? Could I ... Read more

Where Exactly Is The Thermostat Located On A 97 Dodge Dakota And When Do You Know Its Gone Bad

Asked on Apr 13, 2010 What kind of signs would I be getting if It had gone bad? I have water leaking from a mysterious location I believe to be around the Thermostat. I can send a picture of what Im seeing to anyone who thinks they would be of any ... Read more