Question About Breaking Ignition Lock With Screwdriver


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Ignition Lock Cylinder 2001 F150 Supercrew Installation Question.

Im replacing, but not the (chip) key- I will use same key. Will I need to reprogramm key to theft system, or will a swap of the ignition lock cylinder work? Dealer claims it will deprogram key, but i can get Ignition lock cylinder at Auto ... Read more

Help With My Bike Lock Problem

I locked 2 bikes together on the back tires. one is locked on the back, and the other on the front. when i tried to open the lock (which is a U bar), the key would not turn the whole way. i took the key out ... Read more

1993 New Yorker, Locking Hubcaps

Okay so my car has these lock thing on the hubcaps so they can't be stolen and I don't have a key for it---I inherted the car from my Granny when she passed away, well i blew a tire and my Dad had to pry of ... Read more

My Car Won’t Lock But It Will With My Alarm

When my car door is open, it is buzzing as if I left the key in the ignition or if I left the lights on, etc. The problem is there is nothing open or left on! Because this is a security feature (94 Toyota ... Read more

1993 Audi 100 Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal

I'm having problems removing my 1993 Audi 100 ignition lock cylinder. The problem is that I don't have keys. Any help would be appreciated! ... Read more

97 Accord Stolen With Screwdriver In Ignition Best Security

We got the car back, but what can you do besides insurance to keep this from happening again? Are there any security systems on the market? i know people just ignore alarms, do any on the market have an ignition disable on them? is there anything ... Read more

My 94 Kawaski Vulcan 500 Is Breaking Up Bad After Half Throttle…

I'm having a problem with my 94 vulcan 500 its breaking up bad after half throttle. this is what the shop has done: Ignition box, junction box, primary coil, pick upcoil, dino jet kit stage III, Intake boots, spark plugs, slide lift slid lift ... Read more