Question About Brake Pad Squealer Position


Is It True That The Best Position To Place An Exhaust Brake Is At The Turbocharger Outlet. If So, Why

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Drivetrain And Electric

Asked on Aug 16, 2010 1) Replaced both u joints in truck. It used to squeal like a stuck pig (more like a worn brake pad and squealer bar). Now, I get a very soft chirping noise (like a little bird). It's seemed to dimished in volume but ... Read more

Isuzu Npr Engine Brake

Asked on Jul 9, 2010 I have a 2001 isuzu npr diesel, the engine brake does not work. the green indicator light does come on when switched to the on position. i have checked all fuses, and the part that goes on the exhaust before the muffler, what else could ... Read more

Why Am I Getting A Large Vacuum Leak Sound From Inside My Throttle Body.

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I Need Help With My Acura Integra

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Location Of Camshaft Position Sensor On A 1998 Ford Taurus

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Air Brake Vs Vacuum Brake

Asked on May 5, 2010 Would like to know what is different between air-brake, vaccuum brake and exhaust brake systems used in trucks. Thanks for any help ... Read more