Question About Blown Carburetor


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1966 Mustang Carburetor

I Have a 66 mustang with a shot Carburetor. I can't find a Holley, so I was wondering if a CPI carburetor is a good quality one My engine size is 200cid, model 1940 carburetor. ... Read more

Carburetors, Old Cars, And California. What Does This All Mean

Hi there, I have a '77 Dodge Van B200 (gross polluter, go figure) that I want to replace the carburetor and get it to pass smog. However, whilst shopping for a carb on Kragen's site, ... Read more

I Have A 74 Olds Cutlass, What Vacuum Lines Go To The Holley Carburetor I Replaced The Old One With A New One

The intake vacumm lines goes through the carburetor and the new carburetor is different from the old one. the new carburetor makes the car shake. ... Read more

I Dont Know If My Speakers Are Blown Are Not.

Question: I Dont Know If My Speakers Are Blown Are Not., I have some infinity 6020cs in my auto. I acquired some guy to put them in and the passenger aspect doorway speaker doesnt engage in and the tweeter is static. I opened it up and ... Read more

Where Can I Find A Carburetor For A 1600cc Vw Engine

This carburetor came off of a 1977 Bradley GTII. The carburetor that came off of it is a Holley, but the parts house said they don't make a Holley carburetor for this engine. ... Read more

2002 Honda Civic Smoking Badly. Tough To Accelerate Plugs Fouling. Check Engine Light Blinks Not Always

Here is my real question. Is this the head gasket blown? 2 mechanics had different opinions. One said yes, the head gasket is blown. Another said he couldn't get the car to overheat, therefore the headgasket is not blown. I'm thinking just because it ... Read more

I Need Carburetor Info

I need to know if a Holley 350 CFM Keith Dorton Series Carburetor will work in my 1964 1/2 V6 2.8 liter Mustang. The engine size is 170. I also have the choice to get a 500 CFM carburetor from the same series. ... Read more