Question About Best Spark Plug For Ford 351 Windsor


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Spark Plug Non Foulers

OK, ill try to explain this quick. My spark plug gap kept closing and i figured out the piston was hitting it closed. There is a sleeve in the cylinder head because someone stripped the plug hole threads, drilled them out, and put a ... Read more

I Have Quistions Abour Automobiles Future Mechanic

I need to know whats it mean when it says windsor like a 383 windsor. Also whats the different between a regular engine and a crate engine. one last thing I would like to know what engines Chevy made and what motors Ford made like ... Read more

If I Have Current Through The Spark Plug Wire, But The Plug Still Won’t Spark, What Could The Problem Be

It's a '71 yamaha dt 250. It's a new spark plug and I replaced the stator and ignition coil with used parts. I even tried a couple different spark plug caps and got the same results. river rat, ground it? run a wire from the plug wire ... Read more

How To Install Spark Plug Boots On Spark Plugs On Ford Vtec Engine

I replaced the spark plugs on my 1998 ford truck with a 5.4 vtec engine. All the wires are connected correctly but the engine misses. Is there a trick to make sure the boot is installed correctly. It seems like you can't be sure the connection ... Read more

How Are Spark Plug Cables Taken Out To Change The Spark Plugs Of A 1996 E320 Mercedes Benz

Two of the spark plug tubes that cover the spark plug have already been broken as they were pulled. ... Read more

95 Ford Explorer Distributor Cap Spark Plug Rotation..

I recently replaced my spark plugs and just got finished replacing my spark plug wires on my 95 explorer 6 cyl. I wanna know what the sequence is for the firing order on my distributor cap? ... Read more

Why Do My Spark Plugs Have Oil On The Threads

I am changing out my spark plugs on my 1999 ford mustang GT. This car uses the coil on spark plug set up meaning there is no distributor or wire sets. I took out the plugs and see oil all over the threads. I ... Read more