Question About Bad Spark Plugs Cause P0420


What Will Happen If My Spark Plugs Go Bad

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 If the spark plugs on my car are bad, what is the engine likely to do?? i think it may be my spark plugs but idk, its a 1994 honda accord. they havent been replaced in a while, im not exactly sure how long. i just dont have money ... Read more

Should I Change Spark Plug Wires Since I Am Replacing Spark Plugs

Asked on May 13, 2010 I want to replace spark plugs in my car. Primary reason is it has 80k miles and I think it needs changing. Second is spark plugs are very cheap. Only $2 per spark plug. I was wondering if I should be change spark plug wires as ... Read more

Recently Put New Spark Plugs On My 86 Ford Straight In Line 6 And The Had Alot Of Build Up.

Asked on Aug 7, 2010 I checked them a week later and they were bad again so i replaced again because it was running bad, it shuts off and just runs bad. What could eb the problem making the spark plugs do that? I have replaced the fuel filter and rebuilt ... Read more

How Many Spark Plugs Do I Need To Replace In My 2002 Benz E320

Asked on May 9, 2010 Looking at a site it says that each cylinder requires 2 spark plugs.Im gonna buy Bosch platinum+4 or the IR Infusion spark plugs(the best I can find unless U have any suggestions)but I dont know if I only need 6 of those b/c it doesnt say ... Read more

What Are The Sign Bad Iridium Spark Plugs

Asked on Jun 26, 2010 What are the sign bad iridium spark plugs? If you know? Can I use Platinum Sparks plugs too. 2001 Lexus Is300 ... Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Or Old Spark Plugs In A ’03 Jeep Wrangler

Asked on May 14, 2010 I think that my spark plugs are worn out. My Jeep feels like if it loses power in first gear and has unstable idle. What would the spark plugs look like if they are old and I took them out, and what are the symptoms of ... Read more

Will Bad Spark Plugs Effect The O2 Senser On Engine Code Read Outs

Asked on Aug 5, 2010 I replaced the o2 sensor, the error code is still coming up but it is showing that the sensor is operating on the computer. If its not the spark plugs what else could it be? yes, i reset everything twice... i was thinking the same thing catmande. ... Read more