Question About Bad Spark Plugs Cause P0420


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1998 Cadillac Code P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold

The service engine light came on and the Code "P0420 - Catalyst system efficiency below threshold" shows up when i use the scan tool. When I read up on it, is says basically to check the 3 oxygen sensors, or the catalytic converter is bad. I put in ... Read more

How Do Spark Plugs Work

I got my car tuned up today and they replaced the spark plugs, and I can really feel the difference! Big time! Apparently I never had them replaced and I have 100,000 miles on my chevy. So my question is: a spark is a spark right? ... Read more

How Do You Change The Spark Plugs On A 1998 S10

We need to change the spark plugs on the 1998 S10 LS it runs rough and hesitates to start. We tried looking we can see the spark plug wires but cant get the the Spark Plugs they are hidden under the AC Unit we don't ... Read more

Do You Need Air Tools To Change The Spark Plugs On An 03 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I know it is a long process to GET TO the spark plugs. And I mean for this particular make/model. Because it's inside the engine block. I'm pretty sure I do. Just to point out... I need to know about GETTING TO the spark plugs in this ... Read more

Should I Change Spark Plug Wires Since I Am Replacing Spark Plugs

I want to replace spark plugs in my car. Primary reason is it has 80k miles and I think it needs changing. Second is spark plugs are very cheap. Only $2 per spark plug. I was wondering if I should be change spark plug wires as ... Read more

What Will Happen If My Spark Plugs Go Bad

If the spark plugs on my car are bad, what is the engine likely to do?? i think it may be my spark plugs but idk, its a 1994 honda accord. they havent been replaced in a while, im not exactly sure how long. i just dont have money ... Read more

What Spark Plugs Do You Recommend For My Opel Astra

I presently use 3-pin Borch spark plugs on my car. I really don't know if the vehicle would perform less if I change to 2-pin or 1-pin since I find it difficult getting the genuine 3-pin Borch spark plugs to buy. Are they any other good ... Read more