Question About Bad O2 Sensor Fouling Plugs


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What Would Cause A Distributor Cap To Keep Fouling Out

Changed plugs, wires can, cap and Taste.sehen rotorary, where dist. CAP is fouling, causing trucks to skip. ... Read more

What Would Cause My Four Wheeler To Keep Fouling Spark Plugs

I have a 110cc four wheeler that belongs to my son, but it keeps fouling spark plugs, and sounds liks it is getting to much air????Any help is greatly appreciated...Thanks well when it is started it makes a sound like it is blowing bubbles out the tail ... Read more

97 Saturn SL1 W/ Cylinder Fouling/ Misfire And Other Probs. What To Do

I have just been replacing the plugs often instead of facing the prob head on. Are there better sprk plugs that I should use? I try to do most work on my own and am also looking to replace some well overdue parts, pvc, egr, O2 ... Read more

How Do You Find Out The Right Heat Range For Spark Plugs For A 72 Chevy 350 Engine 120 Psi Of Compression

I'm having problems with it carbon fouling , loosing cylinders, rough idle in gear. Thinking it was a vacuum leak replaced the intake gasket and still having the problems. I'm thinking its either the spark plugs (R44T) or putting a hotter coil to fix the ... Read more

My 01 Cr250r Is Fouling Up The Spark Plugs In One Day

I recently purchased a 2001 honda cr250r (2-stroke) from craigslist 3 weeks ago. it is now starting to foul the spark plugs and wont start until you clean them. the gas:oil mix is 32:1 and i noticed it has been putting out alot of smoke recently. ... Read more

Still Have A Problem With 93 Gmc Pickup. Changed The Knock Sensor And The Computer. Still Saying Sensor Bad.

93 gmc sierra k2500 new knock sensor, tpi sensor, map sensor, egr valve, fuel filter, plugs and wires, cleaned the injectors and new aic sensor along with a new ecm. code 43 still shows up saying bad knock sensor or esc. dont have the esc ... Read more

Why Does My Car Have A Vibration At Idle After Warmed Up

I've replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs & wires. Plugs looked great, no fouling. I've added Chevron fuel cleaner. I can't reach the fuel filter to change it. The only other question I have is the air intake hose which has a ... Read more