Question About Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms Mess Up Spark Plugs


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What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Or Old Spark Plugs In A ’03 Jeep Wrangler

I think that my spark plugs are worn out. My Jeep feels like if it loses power in first gear and has unstable idle. What would the spark plugs look like if they are old and I took them out, and what are the symptoms of ... Read more

How Do I Check Fire On The Spark Plugs

93 explorer. I need to know how to see if I have enough spark on my spark plugs. The truck wont start and Im thinking its a bad ignition coil. Its not a fuel problem. Check engine light is on. Always starts perfectly, now it wont ... Read more

2001 Corolla S Ignition Coil On Spark Plugs.

Engine Mechanical problem 2001 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive: I own a 2001 Corolla S and changed the spark plugs recently. However, as I was doing this myself, I had removed all 4 of the ignition ... Read more

Bmw 3 Series M40 Engine No Spark From Coil To Distributor And Plugs

The car died on me on my drive way as I was about going out, I have checked the plugs they burn well and I have even replaced them, The positive and negative of the coil have spark when ignition is turned on but when engine ... Read more

Where Are The Spark Plugs For 2000 Toyota Corolla

Can somebody direct me to a site, or more information on tis. I tried google, youtube and so on. Any ways, I can not find where the spark plugs are located at. I'm guessing they may be near the ignition coil ?? Yes Thank you.... I ... Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Coil

I have a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T. I recently found out that they have recalled the car because of the ignition coil. I have been having problems with the car and am wondering if this is the cause of them or if its something else. ... Read more

What Causes Blur Arcing On Ignition Coil

Changed distributor cap, ignition coil, spark plug wires, andspark plugs. The blue arcing only shows on the ignition coil. When I put in drive, I lose power and I can tell its electrical because I can see the lights dimmer when I put in drive or ... Read more