Question About Axle Screeching


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When Driving, Would You Hear Your Own Tires Screeching If You Slammed On The Brakes

The reason I asked this is because the other day I was following a car going about 40-45 mph with one car length between us. The car ahead slowed down really quick with a blinker for a left turn. I slowed down too without a problem ... Read more

Screeching Noise Coming From Back Tires

Well i own a 2005 Acura TSX. I love the car and its a really smooth ride. I bought a new set of rims n tires about 4 months ago. I put them on when i got them and it didnt change anything in the performance ... Read more

Engine Makes Screeching Noise Under Hard Acceleration

I have a 351 Windsor Crate motor manufactured in 2005. It has GT-40 heads, GT-40 upper and lower intakes, MSI ignition. The mechanic told me the screeching noise is from the intake and this is characteristic of this intake. I am not sure ... Read more

Turned My Key On Accident While Driving And My Car Made A Loud Screeching Noise

As I pulled into my driveway I accidentally turned the key counterclockwise before I actually stopped moving. The car made a loud screeching noise. I turned the key back it seemed to be fine. The car still drives fine. What happened? PS: ... Read more

How Wide Is An S10 From The Axle To Axle

I have a set of wheels that fit a 4wd S10, but not a 2wd. The reason they don't fit is because of the hub difference. If I can find the width from axle to axle of each the 2wd and 4wd, I will ... Read more

What Does A Axle Nut Do

I have a 2002 yamaha raptor 660 and it has a durablue axle the axle nut is gone what does a axle nut really do im going to replace it im just wondering what they do ... Read more

1999 Honda Accord LX Makes Screeching Noises

I have a 1999 accord and in the morning when its cold, or at night when its cold it makes a screeching noise for about 5 minutes. My AC also doesnt work and someone said the noise comes from the AC compressor. Is this true, can ... Read more