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What Is The Cost To Replace Brake Pads And Rotors

Asked on Aug 31, 2010 What is the average cost in replacing front brake pads and rotors in a 03 pontiac grandam se2? ... Read more

Can Someone Tell Me What An Average Brake Job Will Cost

Asked on Apr 1, 2011 They've been sqeaking for about 2 months now. Mechanics answer back please. Customers too. Where did you get yours done? How much did it cost you? Here are the specifics: 2007 Sebring and 38,000 miles ... Read more

How Much Will It Cost To Fix The Brakes On A ’98 Pontiac Transport

Asked on Apr 5, 2011 How much will it cost to fix the brakes on a '98 Pontiac Transport. I think it's just the pads (high and low) but how much could it cost if an entire brake job, everything, needed to be done? ... Read more

How Much Does An Average Brake/rotor Job Cost

Asked on Mar 21, 2011 I have a '98 VW Beetle...just rear brakes...any educated guesses? ... Read more

Cost Of Brake Job For 06′ Prius..

Asked on Apr 10, 2011 I've never had a brake job done before (i've asked a family member or friend to do it) and I;m curious. How much should a pad replacement be? (ignore the roters as on last inspection a week ago it was fine)... I've gotten a fly from my ... Read more

How Much Should A Brake Job Cost

Asked on Mar 17, 2011 How much should a basic brake job cost for a '97 Chevy Monte Carlo? We've been quoted around $180. total for brake pads and resurfaceing the roaters. Is that a fair price? What is the best place to go to get them done ... Read more

What Is The Average Cost Of Brake Pads And Rotors

Asked on Aug 30, 2010 I need both of my rear brake pads and rotors replaced. I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban. Can you give a ball park figure how much the parts run. I took it in for an inspection today, my first estimate, including labor was about $420. ... Read more