Question About Autozone Cheapest Muffler Tips


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How Much Would They Charge For Installing Muffler Tips.

I want to add two muffler tips on my camaro, its dual exhaust but it has no tips and u cant see the exhaust pipes so i wanted to know how much is the least a shop would normally charge to install them? ... Read more

Do Exhaust Tips With Resonators Actually Reduce Noise That Much

I have a custom exhaust on my '08 Dodge Charger that has a good pitch and which I really do like. However, the amount of sound coming out of the exhaust at crusing levels (1500-3000rpm) is a little too much. I'd like to reduce it by ... Read more

96 Mustang V6 Exhaust Question

I have a 1996 Mustang V6 with singular exhaust. It's manual. I WANT something that sounds like: I have the ability to spend money. I want dual exhaust. I'm thinking about putting this on. The thing is, i want MORE loudness than i think this can provide ... Read more

Exhaust Tips

I am looking for exhaust tips that are about 13 inches long for my 2.5 inch pipes. I am removing the stock muffler from my cruiser. Any ideas on where to find some is greatly appreciated. Other than JC Whitney - they are too small ... Read more

Muffler Versus Exhaust Tips Question Only Open To Experienced People.

Ok, here's the deal. I'm looking for something that will make my Jetta sound a lot (more) louder. My dad said all I need is exhaust tips welded on to my muffler, because thats what he did to his Firebird. After days of research, I ran ... Read more

Exhaust Tips Fitting On A Muffler

I want to purchase the super 44 muffler for my car and i want to get new exhaust tips as well. it has a 2.5 inch outlet diameter, does that mean i should get tips with a 2.5 inch inlet diameter or a 3 inch diameter? ... Read more

Exhaust Tips,,can They Change Sound Of The Exhaust

Ive got a 1999 ford f150 and it has daul exhaust now but the ends of the pipes are rusting off,,one is behind the bumper,,ive seen these exhaust tips on trucks and need some but i want to change the sound of it,,like a deep rumble ... Read more