Question About Airco 200 Amp Hornet Special D C Arc Welder


Can I Turn A Flux Core Welder Into An Arc Welder

Asked on Jun 29, 2010 My machine has a (+) post that the torch is connected to. Can I just take the spool off, disconnect the torch, and in it's place put a wire and rod holder? Or is an arc welder voltage / frequency / something else different? I know this is ... Read more

What Are Some Top Of The Line Amplifier Brands No Kicker, Or Jl, Or Other Brands Like That. Zapco, Arc

Asked on Dec 4, 2010 I've been checking out zapco, and arc audio amps lately, i wanted some input on some other top amp brands. i've heard good stuff about those two, but i've never really heard about other ones. i want slightly under rated ones, with great sound quality. ... Read more

Anyone Had Any Luck Welding Leaf Springs Back

Asked on Jul 29, 2010 I just bought a ole junker truck f250 and i think its got some cracked or broken springs wonderin if i could just weld em up fer tem i have a good arc welder maybe if i dont weld for 2 long and get it to ... Read more

Does My 2003 Saab 93 Arc Need A Bixenon Or Xenon Headlight Bulb

Asked on Sep 4, 2010 It has projector headlights, and high and low beam both emit light out of the same projector. I was wondering if you need a special "bi-xenon bulb" or would a regular "xenon" bulb work as well? Since the high and low beams come out of ... Read more

Night Rod Special With Killerglass Coolant Hose

Asked on Sep 1, 2009 my 08 night rod special with killerglass installed... with a red LED behind it. ... Read more

Is It Possible To Weld Sheet Metal With A Wire Welder

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How Good Is My Cars Amp

Asked on Apr 18, 2012 I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse and the factory infinity amp under the pass. seat, i was wondering if it was any good and what would be a good replacement amp for under $200, i think the amp is 650watts, according to the car spec. i ... Read more