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What Would Be Better For My Ford 4.9 Straight Six, Headers Or SLR Chip

After reading articles and reviews, I realized that this engine can outlive me. But, i want to get the most out of it. If anyone has headers on theirs, is the truck noticeably stronger? gas mileage any better? does it sound good and not like a ... Read more

The ILounge Of Car Audio Reviews

Im trying to find a really good review site for double din replacement stereos for my Nissan Frontier. Who's the king of reviews on the net? ... Read more

2001 Ford F150 4.6L Programmer+chip Or Just Programmer

We already have a jet performance chip, we are gonna buy a programmer i've heard alot of good from the hypertech power programmer III, but if we left the chip and installed the programmer would it make a difference? or would a jet programmer do better ... Read more

Performance Enhancement Chips.

Been doing a little modding, both cosmetic and mechanical to my 1992 Dodge Dakota for better fuel economy. Not going all out as I got it for it's utility not for it's fuel economy. But I'm taking off the visor on the roof, as ... Read more

Chip’n My Focus

Looking to add more horse power and looking for a good one but not sure how to chose the best chip/programmer . My car has a cold air, cams and borla cat back if this helps. 01 zx3 Just looking for some advice, And is ford ... Read more

What Is The Best Performance Chip/programmer For My 98 Chevy Silverado

I'm looking for a chip for some extra power i got a 98 z71 4x4 with 5.0 305 whats the best chip for the money and i don't want to spend to much the truck has high mileage? ... Read more

Jet Chip And Programmer Problem

I have a jet chip under the hood of my 02 durango, and i bought a programmer that adds a lot more power, but would having them both in just interfere with each other, should i take out the chip or does it matter? ... Read more