Question About Accord Front Spindle Nut Reverse Thread


’97 Honda Accord Axle Nut

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How Do I Remove The Front Passenger Side Spindle On A 1994 4×4 Ford Explorer

Asked on Sep 6, 2010 I have the axle nut and the two ball bearings nuts off but i cant figure out how to remove spindle if my explorer doesnt have a torsion bar i wouldnt need to do anything else right??? superb had best anwser ... Read more

Axle Nut Removal On Yamaha Grizzly

Asked on Aug 17, 2010 I have a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660, and we are replacing the rear left inner CV joint. The only problem is that we are unable to remove the axle nut. We have tried a 1/2" ratchet and a 3' pipe and we still can't ... Read more

Where Can I Find A 21 Mm Left Hand Thread Nut For The Passengers Side Rear Axle Of My 1994 Ford Aspire.

Asked on Aug 17, 2010 The nut on the passenger's side rear axle of my 1994 Ford Aspire is stripped. It's a left hand thread, and I'm having a bit of difficulty finding one to replace it. Are there any other model of car that uses the same size/thread ... Read more

I Had The Inner And Outer Front Wheel Bearing Replaced. Why Does The Wheel Slightly Wobble Now

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What Type Of Axle Nut Do I Need For A 01 Mustang

Asked on Aug 17, 2010 I'm trying to change out the rotors on a 2001 mustang stock but the axle nut looks like a spindle nut not a regular axle i'm use to seeing anybody know what tool i need and the size thanks ... Read more