Question About Accord Front Spindle Nut Reverse Thread


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How Do I Remove The Front Passenger Side Spindle On A 1994 4×4 Ford Explorer

I have the axle nut and the two ball bearings nuts off but i cant figure out how to remove spindle if my explorer doesnt have a torsion bar i wouldnt need to do anything else right??? superb had best anwser ... Read more

What Is The Technical Name For The Oil Filter Spindle

I recently had an oil change, says the man of the spindle that the filter is easily stripped off on the screws ", they sure did on the filter, but he says that the stem should be replaced. I cannot seem to find any for sale ... Read more

1995 Ford F150 FWD Front Spindle And Axle Assembly

Need a picture or illustrated parts breakdown for a 1995 Ford F150 FWD front spindle and axle assembly? I am not sure how much force to use in disassembly of the rusted spindle and if I knew for sure what disassembly was required for each ... Read more

I Had The Inner And Outer Front Wheel Bearing Replaced. Why Does The Wheel Slightly Wobble Now

Both the inner and outer bearing are pressed in, the inner to the spindle/knuckle, and the outer to the hub. After my mechanic used a press to push together the hub, spindle, bearing assembly,and reconnected assembly to the car, he had a hard time putting the ... Read more

98 Dodge 4×4 Wheel Hub Assembly

This replacement will be the 7th one. Always the front driver side. This one lasted about 2k miles. The previous was less than 500mi. and that one came off while driving.Pretty scarey to say the least. All parts are new in the front end in ... Read more

What Is The Shift Knob Thread/ Diameter Size On 1998 Honda Accord EX Stick Shift

Im looking to buy a new shift knob for my 1998 Honda Accord EX 4Dr. I want to know what the size is for the thread on the screw on shifter knob because i dont wna buy something that wont fit or/ damage the shifter rod ... Read more

How Do I Get A Stripped Nut Off An Axle

Front axle of my son's CRF250X dirt bike. He rounded over the axle nut using the wrong kind of wrench trying to remove the nut. I tried a pipe wrench, the the soft aluminum nut just continues to strip. I am hoping that ... Read more