Question About 98 Grand Prix Gt Axle Nut Torque Specs


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What’s The Torque Spec For The Front Axle On A GL1100 Goldwing ’83

I have the Clymer manual, it doesn't specify anywhere what the torque spec is for the front axle (axle and axle nut). It does talk about the torque for the "front axle holder nuts" (pg222), but not the axle itself. I've searched everywhere without ... Read more

I Want To Buy Some HID Headlights For My 2002 Grand Prix

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Rims For Original Grand Prix GTP/Turbo

I have a 1995 Grand Prix special Edition. It has crazy wheels on it (+25mm offset) they are aluminum and leak like heck! I want replacements. 4BU body style coupe. They are a 5X115mm bolt pattern (no, I don't consider 4.5 the same). Does ... Read more

Anyone Know How To Replace Fog Light Bulbs On A 1998 Grand Prix Gt

Does anyone know how to change the fog log bulbs on 1998 Grand Prix Gt? If you have a link to a website with or without pictures would be if better! Easy 10 points!! p.s Yes I've already check the car manual..and no its not in ... Read more