Question About 97 Sebring Convertible Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement


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2005 Chrysler Sebring Accessories

I have an 05 Sebring convertible and i'm looking for a website that carries accessories for it. I found plenty of websites that deal the OEM parts but I want styling/engine parts, headlights/taillights/ect. Also if anyone knows of an Sebring forum or anything I would like ... Read more

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Can I Use One Hydraulic Pump For 3 Pistons

I am looking to make a front end loader for my garden tractor I have the welding part being taken care of but i still am unsure of the hydraulics..Is it possible to run 3 2.5inch bore - 20 inch stroke cylinders of of one pump? this ... Read more

HELP I’ve Spent Over $3000 Trying To Fix My 99 Chrysler Sebring Accelerates Poorly. Still Not Fixed

HELP! I've spent over $3000 trying to fix an acceleration problem on my 99 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. New Distributor Cap and Rotor, new computer, new Catalytic Converter, wires and plugs, new O2 sensor, timing belt replaced and adjusted, and still no solution. Chrysler mechanic believes it's ... Read more