Question About 97 Mercury Grand Marquis Odomiter Speedometer Stop Working


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The car starts and idols fine but as soon as you press on the accelerator pedal after 10 mph the car stalls. after 5 minutes the car starts again.the car is an 89 mercury grand marquis and all ignition parts are new except the coil. ... Read more

1997 Mercury Sable. Took Fuse Out For Radio, Speedometer Now Not Working, Are They Connected Somehow

It was put a tape into the recorder and ran the engine and I couldldn't Get the tape out ", so I pulled the fuse for the radio would stop and now my speedometer is not working. I was somehow surprised when the speedometer is on ... Read more

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Possibly A Blown Head Gasket

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I just noticed today that my '02 mozda miata's speedometer isn't working, does that mean that the miles are not correct? Does it stop counting once the speedometer stops working? Its an analogue one with a digital odometer. ... Read more

My Speedometer, Odometer And Blinkers Stop Working At Times Why

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