Question About 96 Bonneville Cv Joint Replacement


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CV Joint Replacement

I'm looking at a Nissan Stanza to buy that needs its front driver side CV Joint replaced (makes clicking sound when you turn). About how much does a CV Joint cost, and how much do you think someone would charge to replace it for me? I don't ... Read more

1997 Mercury Mountaineer, What Is Up With The Driveshaft/CV Joint

1997 Merc. Mtnr. V8, AWD. Front Drive shaft assembly does not match up to any assembly I have seen before. The front driveshaft seems to have half of the CV joint attached to it. Auto Parts stores do not know where to find ... Read more

Where Can I Find A Headlight Cover For A ’91 Bonneville

My parents' 1991 Pontiac Bonneville will not pass inspection unless they get a new headlight cover. I've tried ebay with no luck. Are there any websites for something like this? ... Read more

Why Is My Rim Rubbing Against The Ball Joint

I replaced both Inner and Outer Tie Rods for both sides on my 87' Pontiac T/A, now the ball joint on the driver side connecting to the knuckle is carving out the inside of my rim. This is only happening on the driver side. The ball ... Read more

97 Pontiac Bonneville Low Oil Pressure When Warmed Up

I have a 97 pontiac bonneville. when i start the engine up the oil pressure's fine util it gets warmed up then the needle drops. It doesnt go all the way into the red it just fluctuates right over it at idle. Would replacing the ... Read more

How Can I Tell If The Inner Tierod Is Bent Or Out Of Place Ive Been Trying To Poung The Outer Off.

I want to know if my inner tie rod needs replacement because Ive been pounding so hard on the outer tie rod trying to get it off. Does the inner tie rod bend easy? Is the joint that it connects to fine? 1997 dodge stratus es ... Read more

How Can I Fix My Exhaust At The Joint

The exhaust pipe on my car broke at the joint. What's the best way to repair it. Any tips or online tutorials would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ... Read more