Question About 94 Chevy 1500 4 3 Spark Plug Gap


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How Do I Get My Spark Plugs Out When Its Stuck

I have a Chevy 2001 caviler and its down because the number 1 spark plug isn't firing. Every time I try to take it out with a spark plugs socket its seems as if its getting tighter. I called a mechanic but his secretary say i ... Read more

How Do I Change Spark Plugs In My 1500 Vulcan

I bot a 1998 1500 Vulcan last week and it seems to be missing a few. I want to change the spark plugs, but I wonder if there is a trick to it. I dont mean Soung silly, but I tried pulling the plug wires and ... Read more

If I Have Current Through The Spark Plug Wire, But The Plug Still Won’t Spark, What Could The Problem Be

It's a '71 yamaha dt 250. It's a new spark plug and I replaced the stator and ignition coil with used parts. I even tried a couple different spark plug caps and got the same results. river rat, ground it? run a wire from the plug wire ... Read more

How Are Spark Plug Cables Taken Out To Change The Spark Plugs Of A 1996 E320 Mercedes Benz

Two of the spark plug tubes that cover the spark plug have already been broken as they were pulled. ... Read more

1997 Chevy Blazer Back Fire Problems

I took my 1997 blazer to a licensed chevy dealer and had them run a diagnostic on it. they reported no major problems just needed new rotor cap, distributor, spark plug wires, and spark plugs (a tune-up for $600) we went out and bought all of ... Read more

Street Fire Spark Plug Wires

I put Street Fire Spark Plug Wires in my 97' dodge ram 1500, Laramie SLT(5.9 v-8) and new spark plugs the other day and now the check engine light is on. First I replaced the spark plugs, no light came on then. After I replaced all ... Read more

Distributor Cap Wiring For A 1966 Chevy Impala 327 Cid Engine.

Looking for a diagram and correct order of each spark wire (correct location on cap and what spark plug it connects to). With that in mind, please translate that into simple terms please. Running an HEI setup from Accel. U said the firing order is 18436572, ... Read more