Question About 91 Corolla Clutch Fluid


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2001 Caviler Clutch

I have a 2001 cavailer and the clutch is feeling a little mushy, so I checked the reservoir and it was empty. what type of fluid I should perhaps in brake fluid or clutch fluid (it is a hydraulic clutch system? thanks ... Read more

I Have A 1987 Bmw 325 And The Clutch Slowly Goes All The Way To The Floor And Stays There, Does It Need Fluid

I don't think it's the clutch because the brake fluid light went one right before this happened and the 325i uses an hydraulic clutch which uses the same brake fluid reservoir. Should I bleed the break system and put more dot 4? ... Read more

2005 Mustang GT Clutch Appears Shorter

I know it is hydraulic, but I hope it is a mechanical linkage. The symptom is that I press the clutch continues to have solved the transfer, and it's the resettlement relatively schnell.Die clutch is not slipping, and I only have ~ 29,000 miles on it ... Read more

No Clutch Pressure In The FORD

I have a 1995 Ford F-150, Just converted it to a 5-speed manual and the very last thing we have to do...figure out why there is no clutch pressure (it is a hydraulic clutch). The fluid level is perfect, there are no leakes...everything should work. My ... Read more

Does My Kia Spectra Have A Hydraulic Clutch

I'm pretty sure it is...correct me if I'm wrong, I think the other type is called a mechanical clutch, and that they don't really use them anymore in cars? And if it is a hydraulic clutch, how can I check the fluid? Shouldn't it be a ... Read more

Car Passat Brake Fluid Issue

Hi All posted an issue weekend reference brake fluid leak from my car, its a very slow leak however the advice was get it checked! I did do that today and the garage said my brakes are excellent, no sign of any leak from the cylinders, or ... Read more

My clutch Reservoir is low i think it has brake fluid i bought a bottle of hydraulic clutch fluid can i

my clutch Reservoir is low i think it has brake fluid i bought a bottle of hydraulic clutch fluid can i mix it with the brake fluid in the CLUTCH RESERVOIR or do i have to bleed the fluid ... Read more