Question About 91 Cadillac Trunk Lock


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Normally one could fold down the seats to gain access to the trunk, but my car does not fold down, but there are small opens to try and reach the emergency trunk release, only I have no idea where it is! I only have a valet ... Read more

How Do I Replace The Bulb Inside The Brake 0n Indicator,located On Shelf Behind The Rear Seats Of 1989 Cad

I have a 1989 Cadillac Broughm that is in excellent condition. The light assy. that is mounted to the shelf,just inside the rear window, has a bad bulb. The maintenance manual that I have for this year Cadillac does not cover this unit. Viewing it inside ... Read more

How To Make The Trunk Latch Work On 1997 BMW 318i Convertible

How Do I Make The Trunk Latch Work On My 97 BMW 318i Convertible? All of a sudden the trunk latch will not function properly and will not "lock". The trunk is essentially open, although it's almost flush when I push it closed...the latch will ... Read more

Trunk Latch Not Locking And Release Inside Makes A Clicking Sound On Ford Focus

Ford Focus Trunk Latch Not Locking And Release Inside Makes A Clicking Sound. Trunk wont lock. i have checked everything i can think and still wont latch down. the release button on the dash will click 4 times when pushed and the key will turn in ... Read more

Where Do I Find A Spare Tire Lock

I have a 1997 Honda Civic EX and I need a spare tire lock that goes in the trunk. ... Read more

2000 Honda Accord Alarm Does Not Arm When Lockign The Car No Horn No Lights

Hey I have 2000 Accord EX 4dr, 4cyl I am having the same problem: When I lock the car, the doors lock, but no horn or flashing lights, and no blinking security light on the driver's door. I had this problem once before, and read somewhere that several ... Read more

How Can I Make My Car More Secure

I'm going to be moving to a not-so-nice part of town, and I won't have a place to park my car. Right now the car has two main security features: a lock on the driver's door, and a lock on the passenger's door. I don't really ... Read more