Question About 89 Chevy Truck Fuse Box


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Could Part Of My Fuse Block Be Fried

Was driving my truck, went through a dip in the road, sparks and smoke came from underneath the dash, and my truck died and never would start back. I have a feeling that the sparks and smoke where from an aftermarket amp guage b/c the red ... Read more

What Fuse Do I Use For My Fuse Holder

So i am using a lightning audio B4.250.2 amp. it is rated at 750 watts. trying to figure out what fuse i should use for the fuse holder under my hood off the positive terminal. the kit im looking at right know has a 60 fuse ... Read more

Chevy Tahoe 2005 Keep Blowing IGNE/relays Then Loose/do I Need A New Fusebox Dead Short

It was towed to a mechanic who said there was a dead short, and that it was affecting the BCM.W/ it having a security system I was advised to take it to the install place (audio and security). There they said it was a bad ... Read more

Powerstroke Fuse Locations

I dont have an owners manual and I need to know where the fuses are (number and power of fuse and if under hood or in the truck) I need to know about: Any that have to do with the starter, Any that have to do ... Read more

Car Stereo Fuse Blow’s

Question: Car Stereo Fuse Blow's, I have a 98 nissan micra which had the first cassette player, i just set in a pioneer cd player and the 1amp in-line fuse blew. I changed it with a 2amp, is this safe??? I dont want to start off ... Read more

Why Wont My Truck Start

I have a 1989 Chevy C1500/Silverado. 350 5.7L V8. I drove it to a restaurant last night with no problems. When I went to leave the truck wouldn't start. I did some test and concluded that it is not a gas or battery problem. I think ... Read more

85 Chevy Truck Rpm Gauge Troubles

My truck RPM gauge isn't working, and my truck has trouble shifting.. Is the rpm gauge all electrical or does it have some mechanical purpose as well? Could it be that the gauge isn't plugged in and I have tranny problems or is it possible that ... Read more