Question About 88chevy 305 Engine Rotation


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What Is The Firing Order/plug Location/distributor Rotation For A 94 F150 5.0

I sent my truck to the shop for a blown head gasket. When I got it back it misses and the fuel milage is about 1/2 of what it was. Tech says it came in that way. Before I go to another shop to have it ... Read more

I Hear A Humming That Gets Louder As I Accelerate From The Rear Right Wheel

1st This started happening about two weeks. . Random freezing while my hand brake (which was fixed). . I hear these sums speed up, when I do I hear it when I pick up some speed. . 40km / h (25 miles an hour) and more. ... Read more

How Much For Brake Pad Replacement

How much should I expect for a brake pad replacement for a 1983 Porsche 944? What about for a tire rotation/balance? Thanks! ... Read more

Small Block Chevy, Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance

I purchased a brand new fully balanced rotating assembly from Summit racing. The kit included a new crank and rods by Eagle and Clevite 77 bearings. When checking my bearing clearances with plastigage I'm getting between .001" and .0015" on the rod bearings and between .002" ... Read more

Does Any1 Know How Much I Should Lower My Mk4 Golf 1.6 By Without Causing Probllems

I want my car lower, but by how much, without causing many problems in the NT secure (things like catching the wheel arches) and a spacer, I would put it in themselves. This Wil affect how much I cn also lower due to the rotation of ... Read more

95 Ford Explorer Distributor Cap Spark Plug Rotation..

I recently replaced my spark plugs and just got finished replacing my spark plug wires on my 95 explorer 6 cyl. I wanna know what the sequence is for the firing order on my distributor cap? ... Read more

I Just Had My Front Brake Pads And Rotors Replaced And Now Makes Squeaking Noise When Driving

I drive a 1995 acura integra and as the question states car now makes a squeaking noise to the rotation of the tire and idk wtf for I even used nice ceramic brake pads. Any help plz thx ... Read more