Question About 88chevy 305 Engine Rotation


305 Tpi To Lt1 Conversion/ Northstar Etc Lt5

Asked on Jun 2, 2010 I know its possible to convert a l98 to a lt1, and people have done it with Lb9s as well, how hard is it, and what do you need to modify? I also have a cadillac northstar engine with a cracked block, can any parts ... Read more

Parts For 305 Crate Engine

Asked on Jun 18, 2010 I just bought a 90 truck with a replacement goodwrench 305.Was told it had 20000 miles on the engine.Are parts such as plugs and air filter the same as the original engine. ... Read more

Should I Rebuilt A 305′s Or Get A 350′s

Asked on Jun 28, 2010 I have a El Camino and I just want to know does it worth if I rebuild the stock 305, since their run good on gas. Or should I get a used 350's crate engine. Please tell me what you think ... Read more

What Is The Best Brand/model Carburetor For An 85 Parisienne 305/5.0

Asked on Jun 25, 2010 I have a 85 pontiac parisienne 305/ 5.0. I just purchased a crate engine and rebuilt my tranny. The engine jerks at 45mph and idles erratic. the mechanic recommends a new carburetor. ... Read more

Will A Stock Intake Manifold From A Carbed 305 Fit A Stock Carbed 350

Asked on Jun 25, 2010 I have a stock 305 from an 87 camaro and im gettin a 350 crate engine from summit and was wonderin if the intake manifold from the 305 would fit the 350 along with the carb this is the link to see what engine im gettin ... Read more

Where To Find A Reverse Rotation Starter

Asked on Jan 25, 2011 I have a reverse rotation starter on a ford 460 in a jet boat. the starter drags horribly especially when it gets hot. i have a nice msd ignition system in it thinking that would help.. but anyway the only starters i can find are over ... Read more

Where Can I Get A USED Chevy 305 Or 350 Small Block

Asked on Jun 23, 2010 I have an '89 Camaro RS with a 2.8L V6....Underpowered i know. I would like to get a 305 or 350 V8 Small block, the prices of a new crate engine are way too high for me, so does anyone know of a good site to get ... Read more