Question About 670 Holley Carburetor Is Good For How Much Hp


Where Can I Find A Carburetor For A 1600cc Vw Engine

This carburetor came off of a 1977 Bradley GTII. The carburetor that came off of it is a Holley, but the parts house said they don't make a Holley carburetor for this engine. ... Read more

Is This A Good Carburetor

I have a holley 6120 spread bore dual pump carburetor. is this an overall good carburetor? ... Read more

1966 Mustang Carburetor

I Have a 66 mustang with a shot Carburetor. I can't find a Holley, so I was wondering if a CPI carburetor is a good quality one My engine size is 200cid, model 1940 carburetor. ... Read more

How MUCH More Gas Will A Holley 4 Barrel 600 Cfm Carburetor Waste Compared To

How MUCH more gas will a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carburetor waste compared to a Holley 2 barrel 600 cfm carb? I have a 85 Ford F-150 with a 302 5.0 in it. I want to put a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carb in it, ... Read more

Holley 4 Barrel 600 Cfm Questions……………

(((I asked a similar question but got 2 bad answers out of 3. So here goes take 2.))) I have a 1985 Ford F-150 with a 5.0 302 in it. I want to put in a Holley 4 barrel 600 cfm carb because i want some pretty ... Read more

Whats The Difference Between A Holley And An Edelbrock Carburetor

I have a 1989 Dodge Ramcharger with a bored out 360, currently has a 2 barrel Holley carburetor, I was told I should change it over to an Edelbrock 1406... why? ... Read more

I Have A 74 Olds Cutlass, What Vacuum Lines Go To The Holley Carburetor I Replaced The Old One With A New One

The intake vacumm lines goes through the carburetor and the new carburetor is different from the old one. the new carburetor makes the car shake. ... Read more
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