Question About 67 Mustang Clutch Adjustment


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Timing Questions Ford Mustang.

Ok so its a 66 mustnag with a 302 from the 67 or 68 mustang. its a reular 2v. i put in a msd ignition system and since then its been all messed up> not sure y. Might the carb need adjustment too? ... Read more

On My 2007 Audi A3 I Find The Headlights Very Weak And The Pattern Off.

Both lights seem to train on the kerb. I understand that adjustment is not for the DIY as there is a sensor that adjusts against any adjustment that you do. I have the level adjustment set at 0 on the dashboard. Does anyone else find that ... Read more

2005 Mustang GT Clutch Appears Shorter

I know it is hydraulic, but I hope it is a mechanical linkage. The symptom is that I press the clutch continues to have solved the transfer, and it's the resettlement relatively schnell.Die clutch is not slipping, and I only have ~ 29,000 miles on it ... Read more

1996 Ford Mustang Gt

If a car has a bad clutch does the car chug went you accelerate? or the sound of the car sound normal but the car doesn't move normal. Everytime I try to accelerate the car it star chugging and the car doesn't move fast. That happens ... Read more

Headlight Adjustmenthonda Civic

My mechanic charged me about 75 dollars for headlight adjustment. What is involved in headlight adjustment and how is it done? Is it required to pass an inspection? ... Read more

What Does It Mean When A Clutch Does This…

It was perfectly fine when I parked the vehicle. Or so i thought. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I was driving in third, pulled into the space, and put it in first gear. When I came back ... Read more