Question About 2010 Honda Crv Dashboard Exclamation Warning Lights


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What Is The Exclamation Point Warning Light In Dash

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi triton 4x4 we changed the brake pads the other day now a red exclamation point is on the dash what does it mean i have done some research and some say it is the park brake is still on but ... Read more

2001 Honda Civic Headlights And Dashboard Question

I just got a used 2001 honda civic EX, I was playing around a little to get to know switches and such and came across the left handle it has off lights and highbeam .. when i turn the lights on the dashboard comes on and ... Read more

Honda Civic Head Lights Not Working

Hi, I was replacing my dashboard today and when i finished I went to check all the lights. Everything works but the normal low beam headlights. High beams work, turn signals, back lights, emergency signals, when i turn go to turn them on the dashboard lights, ... Read more

Honda Civic Dashboard Light Problems

My honda civic dashboard dimmer turns less bright when i turn my headlights all the way on, but when i turn my headlights off the dashboard lights right up, how do i make them stay super bright when i turn my head lights on? i have ... Read more

2002 Honda Civic DRL Buzzing

Im 16 years old & have recently purchased my first car, a 2002 Honda Civic LX 4-Door, Every time I turn on my civic a "DRL" (Daytime Running Lights?) appears on my dashboard, my right headlight is out and I have ordered a new bulb for it but ... Read more

4 Door 1992 Honda Civic Ex

When i drive at night and i turn my headlights on, the dashboard lights go off. And theres no lights on the speedometer or the shifter so when i drive at night i drive in the dark. the dashboard dimmer/brightner switch doesnt work either. Has anyone ... Read more

2002 Honda Civic Ex, Does It Have A Left Headlights On Warning After You Shut It Off

My daughter says that her civic had a beeping warning tone if she left her lights on and turned the vehicle off. It no longer works, any suggestions on what may be the problem? ... Read more