Question About 2005 Nissan Quest P0300 Code


Help With 2000 Nissan Quest Knock Sensor Code 0325

Asked on Jun 23, 2010 I have a 2000 quest with a 0325 code(Knock Sensor) But reading , it seems it's not the knock sensor but something else a varity of things. The exhuast also smells and soot on the bumber. If anyone has one and came across the same plz let ... Read more

Chevy Distributor Cap Corrosion

Asked on Jun 16, 2010 I have a 97 Chevy Express Van that just started running real rough. I got a code P0300 (random cylinder misfire). The distributor cap contacts are corroded with a white powder coating and the tip of the rotor is green. The cap and rotor are only ... Read more

Why Cant A Mechanic Or Myself Diagnose My 98 Chevy Truck C1500 5.0litre Sfi P0300 Code

Asked on Aug 17, 2010 My vehicle went to a mechanic and he could not diagnose the problem it is a p0300 code which the two cylinders at idle rthat are misfiring are 4 and 7 after giving it gas it misses all across the board when hooked up to the ... Read more

Is It A Good Idea To Change My Original Struts, Coil Spring, And Mounts On My 1995 Nissan Quest XE

Asked on Aug 14, 2010 My 1995 Nissan Quest currently still has the same original struts, coil spring, and mounts for 14 years already (I bought my quest in 1994 as a 1995 year model). My 95 quest currently has about 98,500. Every time I turn in to an intersection or ... Read more

Where Is The Knock Sensor On 1998 Nissan Quest

Asked on May 15, 2010 Can someone please tell me where the knock sensor is located on a 1998 Nissan Quest! Detailed Description. If you have a diagram please give me the website! (: ... Read more

Nissan Quest 2000 Tune Up Spark Plugs Distributor Cap Distributor Rotor Spark Plug Cables.

Asked on Jun 30, 2010 I'm about to help my friend to do a tune up on his car a nissan quest 2000. I'm wondering, where are the spark plugs and distributor located ? hard is it to do it?.... I did a 2000 mazda mpv a long ago..and it was ... Read more

95 Nissan Quest A/C Electrical Contact Soundwhen A/C Kicks In

Asked on Nov 13, 2012 Question: 95 Nissan Quest A/C Electrical Contact Sound,when A/C Kicks In, I gave my son the our 95 Nissan Quest for no cost it really is nonetheless in cherry problem,but he states the A/C performs very good but often at a quit light,theres this clicking seem ... Read more